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"I'm finding it hard to express quite how much I love Lorraine's class, aside from having the strongest core of my life, I feel relaxed and joyful coming out of her class every week. I use her techniques for good posture in everyday activities; generally feel stronger, more confident, and make me want to be more active. The exercises have helped with my joint pain and stiffness. Do yourself a favour and book on to this class. She starts off very gently but don't be fooled, Lorraine can bring the pain"

- Jill

"Feeling more supple, lower back less achy, tummy feels firmer & stronger, feel more balanced, centred & grounded. Creates space & stillness"

- Susan

"Thanks Lorraine for another great class. I have to tell you I'm so grateful for your Pilates class as you have helped me overcome nearly 20 years of sciatica which has caused pretty much daily pain of varying degrees over the years. Now I can do hoovering, housework, gardening and even move furniture like I used to with no after-effects. its taken me ages to get to grips with the breathing, spine alignment etc and I've still lots to learn, but I'm amazed at how so much better I feel without constant pain or discomfort. Thank you, you are a star"

- Sheila

"You are an exceptional teacher & so easy to follow.

You were recommended to me by a friend as I had experienced some serious health issues and Realistic Pilates really helped me heal. I love the fact that it really strengthens your core which in turn helps your back. I also enjoyed a few one to one tuition which was extremely helpful"

- Zena

"I was looking for a more relaxed approach to keeping my body in shape and fully functioning because I was finding other keep fit classes a bit too strenuous.

I am sometimes a bit stiff and sore prior to class. However I know that doing the exercises will help me feel better and more relaxed so I look forward to the hour.

I feel much more relaxed after class and I feel that I have got rid of tension and my body is moving much more easily without pain.

Attending the classes has certainly helped my balance which isn’t great but it’s much better than it used to be; my shape and got rid completely of the pain in my lower back. I know it does me a lot of good so that keeps me going.

I enjoy the exercises themselves and the feeling that it’s a wee community and hearing what Lorraine has been up to".


"I have mobility and balance issues and the gentle exercise and stretching in Realistic Pilates really helps. The class allows you to go at your own pace and Lorraine explains everything in a way and pace that's easy for me to follow."

- Irene

"Having never really stuck with exercise classes in the past I’m just about to start my 3rd 6-week block with Lorraine! Really looking forward to our group. Lorraine gives individual attention when required and is very positive and encouraging with everyone. I’m definitely noticing a difference in my posture and ease of movement. Thoroughly recommend!"

- Gillian

"I recently started this class and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Have no experience of it previously and was a bit scared but Lorraine is so welcoming and easy to understand. A lovely class with mixed ages and no stress or sweating! Thank you."

- Larraine

"I have just finished my first block of 6 Pilates with Lorraine, last week at class I realised I had not needed my morning pain killer for my back. And I haven’t needed any pain killers this week totally recommend Lorraine’s class."

- Susan

"I hate exercise classes!

Pilates is the only one I've ever stuck with. I know it does me good and its within my ability range.

Definitely helps my posture which is usually not good.

Maintains general range of movement"

- Tessa

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